Who is monitoring you Server, Backups , Updates and Antivirus? Critical issues that can shutdown Systems can be avoided.


RDS MANAGED REMOTE SERVICES:   RDS Managed Remote Services provides significant improvement over conventional (on site) IT Support, which means you can rest assured your servers, workstations  are in business-ready condition. Our proactive, preventative 24/7 monitoring solutions will check and monitor key components of your systems, alerting RDS Support to problem conditions, rather than waiting for you to notice a system problem or failure and call us. We'll almost always know about an issue before you do, so it can be fixed quickly, minimizing your business disruption.  We can provide routine Windows updates service, Backups monitoring and a managed version of the award winning Vipre Business Antivirus for you computers.


Remote Systems Monitoring of your computer with customized proactive, preventative Daily Health  Checks  and  24/7  Critical  Systems Monitoring of key components. When any problem is discovered it will alert RDS  via email of Critical or Non-Critical events that have occurred.


Patch/Updates Management:  RDS Support will schedule reviews and installation of missing patches and security updates. Microsoft for Windows updates are automated by the system.  Other software vendors such as Adobe, Apple, Google, Java, Firefox require a more hands on update. These are scheduled for a monthly update after hours via Remote Access and are a separate service  as agreed  for  your systems.


Remote Access:  Allows secure anytime, anywhere remote access to your computer by RDS Support for troubleshooting and repair of issues and updates after-hours to minimize disruption to your employees and business. Saving you money by avoiding on-site technician visits


Managed Malware Protection for your computers with GFI VIPRE Antivirus Business' real-time monitoring - detects and blocks viruses, worms, spyware, Trojans, bots, and rootkits with low impact on system resources.  Fully hosted and managed by RDS Support. $2.00 per month per computer added fee.


Workstation Cost: $8 per month:  Includes, Remote Monitoring, Remote Access,  

Add $2.00 per month for managed antivirus system.

Add $15 per month for monthly Windows Updates  Management.   


Server Cost:  $25 per month per Server. (Your Main server and Backup Server are separate Servers)

Includes, Remote Monitoring, of Server Operations and Network services, Remote Access.

Add $2.00 per month for managed antivirus system

Add $25 per month for monthly Windows Updates  Management


Server Backup Systems Management can be provided as an added service. However, remote support for backup systems are based upon your backup software's design. A plan will be offered that optimizes oversight of your backup system.


Initial Setup cost will vary by customer. A setup file is configured on each monitored PC by RDS either via remote access without customer assistance or with customer assistance using an emailed file. Setup is 5 - 10 min. per PC.  A 10 PC -Server office would apx. $100-$150 to install the system and configure the monitoring system at the RDS office.


Service Billing: The basic systems cost per PC are billed per Qtr. in advance.  Additional support services required will be billed monthly as provided.


*Fixes / issues repair and non-Microsoft updates requiring remote login to the PC are billed separately at regular RDS service rates.


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