Dental LCD Monitors by AgNeovo


Designed to specifically to address the challenges of multi-user and public environments, NeoV™ Optical Glass is a specially formulated, hardened optical glass – with proprietary multilayer coating – to enhance image quality, and protect screen from any incidental damage incurred in high-volume environments.


Maintenance Made Easy

NeoV™ Optical Glass has passed the CNS (13033) A-level abrasion acid test and B-level alkali test. The glass can be easily cleaned and disinfected with water, alcohol and other common cleaning solutions.


RDS  recommends these glass panel LCDs for application where the monitor is placed in close proximity to the patient in oral surgery, endodontic or any application application where repeated disinfesting of the screen is desired. Std. LCD screens are damaged by efforts to disinfect.

Keyboard and Mouse Seels  standard and antibacterial

Kinesis USB foot switches  in 1 to 3 pedal models. Programmable to emulate PC keystrokes. IO Camera use F5 to capture?  A  tap of the programmed foot switch does the trick!

Operatory Wireless Systems

GO Plus Air Mouse with Compact Keyboard controls your PC from anywhere in the Operatory.  Award winning mouse operates on a desktop or  by in air motion sensing.

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These are only samples of the  many Dental  specialty  equipment items  and accessories available from Ryan Dental Systems to help your  PC systems perform  at an optimum level and be convenient, and visually appealing when installed in you Dental Practice.